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ISACA is committed to the highest standards in the cyber world

They believe that diversity and inclusion are important issues to address. The membership organization founded One In Tech as a way for ISACA to philanthropically support the mission of advancing the professional space.

As technology advances every single day, the need for talent continues to be a critical issue. A serious workforce shortage threatens the growth and innovation of the technology industry on a global level. But there is a solution- as noted by Theresa J. Whitmarsh, former CEO of the Washington State Investment Board, “If you exclude 50% of the talent pool, it’s no wonder you find yourself in a war for talent.” Due to exclusion based on bias and other barriers, diversity within the tech workforce is historically and currently dismal. In addition, the exclusion of various populations negatively affects technology development; It is imperative that all perspectives are driving the innovation of technology to ensure applicability to all users.

Building diversity and inclusion in cyber careers is one of the ways to address the workforce crisis and ensure innovation that meets all perspectives. One in Tech removes barriers to ensure untapped individuals receive equitable access to begin and advance their career within the Cybersecurity and IT Audit professions.


ISACA’s Commitment to Advancing Gender Diversity and Women in Leadership Roles within the Cyber Professions Workforce

SheLeadsTech is the banner program of One In Tech dedicated to building a gender diverse and inclusive global community of cyber professionals. Initiated in 2017, SheLeadsTech empowers women to enhance their professional skills and advocate for their career advancement. SheLeadsTech also brings global awareness to the lack of gender diversity in all levels, particularly chief and executive positions, within tech fields.

Building on this important work, SheLeadsTech commits to providing comprehensive resources, services, event, and learning to accelerate careers as a core strategy. This new vision for SheLeadsTech will significantly aid the effort to ensure leadership career roles are accessible to everyone.

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