ISACA Belgium In-house Certification Training (New)

Empowering Business Growth through Team Upskilling!


The Path To Success.

To sustain business growth, continuous training is crucial. ISACA Belgium offers a range of options, including early career fundamentals and staying up-to-date on emerging trends. Our goal is to ensure your team is not just skilled but also certified to tackle the challenges of today's dynamic business environment.

Take your organization to new heights with our industry-leading training and credentials. The future of your organization begins today, and ISACA is here to guide you.


ISACA Issues Globally Recognized Credentials.

As a leader in IT/IS for over 50 years, ISACA offers cutting-edge team training programs to keep your business ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our commitment is to build a smarter, stronger, and more satisfied team that works diligently to achieve your business objectives.


In-House Training Opportunities.

If your company has a key group of employees interested in training, reach out to us to arrange in-house training and provide upskilling opportunities for your staff. ISACA Belgium Chapter is proud to be an accredited training organization.

Invest in your team's success with ISACA. Together, let's navigate the journey of upskilling and empower your organization for sustained growth.

Start your transformative journey with us today! 

Consider bringing training right at your doorstep. With numerous employees eager to enhance their skills, organizing training at your company premises can be a convenient and effective choice. Investing in your employees' growth and development is essential for retaining top talent, and ISACA Belgium is here to help you achieve that. 

  • No Travel Required: Your team will not need to commute, saving valuable time and resources. 
  • Expert-Led Trainings: Our accredited trainers are industry experts, providing you with the very latest updated reading material. 
  • Collaborative Learning: During the training, your employees can have dynamic conversations with our trainers and peers. Group training fosters immediate responses to queries, ensuring every team member receives consistent, accurate answers and assistance. Post-training discussions promote deeper understanding. 
  • CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Credentials 


  • Advantageous Pricing for Bigger Groups: Enjoy more advantageous pricing for bigger groups (minimum 5 – maximum 15 people per session). 
  • Invoicing Happens Directly with the Company
  • 1 - 5 participants: €2500/participant  
  • 6 – 15 participants: €2000/participant 
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If your company has several employees who are interested in a certification training, please contact us by email at

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