DPO pro is the Professional Assocation of Data Protection Officers in Belgium.

This non-profit organisation has been created by DPO’s for DPO’s. It’s aims are:

  • Support a thriving community of DPOs: dpo pro helps DPOs connect with each other and provide access to certification bodies, trainings and privacy tech vendors.
  • Promote and represent the DPO profession: dpo pro acts as a sounding board and advocate for DPOs by representing the profession in close collaboration with privacy authorities, governments and other stakeholders at the national and international level.
  • Help DPOs stay on top of the latest & greatest: dpo pro facilitates sharing experience and best practices through targeted events that help DPOs in their day-to-day activities.

Benefits from joining dpo pro : Networking, dpo pro Mag, dpo connect, workgroups, documents sharing, Partner benefits, Conferences & webinar, Access to GDPR-Tools And your representation in our Professional Union

Advantages for ISACA Members

Members of ISACA Belgium who are not yet members of DPO PRO have the possibility to pay €100 instead of the €195 fee for the first year of membership.

Terms & Conditions:

The discount is granted when registering, ‘become a member”.

  • By indicating in the ‘Coupon’ field: IsacaBelgium
  • By sending at info@dpopro.be membership number of ISACA Belgium

Advantages from our DPO PRO partner:

ISACA members will have free access to some events organised by DPO PRO on privacy and DPO-related topics. These events will be published on our website.

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