Egide Nzabonimana 


Preside at meetings of the Chapiter and the Board,
Represent the Chapiter at Leadership Conferences, Presidents Council Meetings and other conferences and functions, where appropriate,
Present an annual report to members at the annual general meeting.

Egide Nzabonimana is the current President of the Belgian chapter of ISACA.

Having over a decade of experience as well as a Master’s degree in Information Risks and Cybersecurity from Solvay Business School, Egide is well versed in various areas of cybersecurity, including business risk assessment and information management.

As a cybersecurity consultant, he helps businesses to identify potential weaknesses and blind spots, so they can make their IT systems more secure and more resilient – not just through technological solutions, but also by taking into account the one element that is often overlooked: HUMAN.

Making staff more aware of the risks and dangers, and changing their behaviour, constitutes a major step towards achieving improvements in cybersecurity in a more robust and sustainable way.

Contributions by Egide Nzabonimana

May 20, 2022

Impact paper – The conflict in Ukraine What do you need to know about cybersecurity?

The conflict in Ukraine requires greater vigilance in cybersecurity. ISACA Belgium Chapter, IIA Belgium and IFACI decided to issue a […]
Author: Egide Nzabonimana
Author: Philip De Picker
January 28, 2022

ISACA Belgium joins the Cyber Security Coalition

We are very proud to be part of the Cybersecurity Coalition. Considering we have more than 850 IT professionals engaged […]
Author: Egide Nzabonimana
December 15, 2021

Als het op cyberveiligheid aankomt, wonen we allemaal in een probleemwijk

read & dowload the article here>>>
Author: Egide Nzabonimana
February 26, 2021

ISACA sur tous les terrains!

Pour acquérir les bonnes connaissances, les meilleurs contacts et les certificats les plus pertinents dans le cadre de la gouvernance […]
Author: Egide Nzabonimana

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