Why get certified with ISACA Belgium?

January 6, 2023
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Our upcoming Workshops and Bootcamps

ISACA Belgium with its experienced and skilled trainers organizes monthly a series of trainings and workshops articulated around the themes of Audit, IT, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Information Management and Digital domains. Our expertise helps professionals and companies to realize and reach their full potential in the field of information technology and Audit. During our focus workshops, you can ask questions about how the certification can help your career? What certifications to get? How to maintain them…

After passing your CDPSE, CISA and/or CISM certifications through ISACA, you receive the validation that you have mastered the required competencies in the above-mentioned domains. Being certified by ISACA means that you to take advantage of opportunities for learning and career growth that can lead to personal and professional recognition on a global scale.

Knowing that certifications constitute a real value in the fields of IT and cybersecurity, it is therefore necessary for you to know the value of your certificates because there are many certification bodies that offer IT security credentials. So, why ISACA?

Why should you get certified with ISACA?

The Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer or CDPSE, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and the CISM or Certified Information Security Manager certifications, cover all of Audit, IT, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Information Management and Digital domains. All of these areas of interest will be covered in depth by our experts during our events in order to optimize your training session. Evaluate and validate your expertise in these areas, it will increase your chances of success in real work situations and to challenge your knowledge with peers.

The development of specialized certifications allows us to meet the needs of our members, organizations and the industry as a whole. Today, according to many studies, IT and cybersecurity related profiles are amongst the most sought after positions. CDPSE, CISA and CISM trainings, like our other specialized certifications, ensure qualification for these highly sought-after positions, helping professionals find employment and employers fill critical positions within their organizations.

ISACA stands apart from other certification companies because of our commitment to quality and accuracy in our exams. Our team of qualified examiners are experts who have dedicated their professional lives to IT and cybersecurity- both within ISACA and as professionals in the field. This experience is invaluable to our training. We also provide several events where discussions are held about various topics related to certifications

Evaluate and certify your real-world skills.

Certifications are issued following practical examinations on machines that require candidates to perform tasks in real-life situations. The way our exams are conducted and operated positions us as a leader in terms of IT and cyber security skills validation. The practical tests bring added value to both the certified and the employers.

Our organization does not just deliver a certificate but also contributes to continuously improving your knowledge. Our mission is to guide you in your career path by helping you acquire increasingly complex skills and professional roles. The CDPSE, CISM and CISA certifications we provide are highly valued in the industry.
Once you have obtained your certification you have reached the first level of your professional development in an industry that is continually growing and demanding an increasing number of skills. Beyond the employer recognition, job opportunities and personal development, you also become part of the ISACA community.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ISACA certification community.



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